About the Author

     Robert T. Wood was the Far East Regional Security Director for a U.S. global corporation with operating locations in over 100 countries around the world.  He has 46 years of experience in working with Japanese law enforcement and security officials dating back to his years as a police officer with the Honolulu Police Department and his experience as a member of a federal organized crime task force, to his 20-years as a U.S. federal agent assigned in Tokyo, Japan, working a broad range of national security and antiterrorism issues to include bilateral cooperation with various Japanese government agencies at the national level.

     His law enforcement experience includes directing and participating in personnel security operations for various heads of state, to include POTUS as well as a special assignment as a personal bodyguard for Emperor Hirohito during the Emperor’s visit to Hawaii in 1975; planning and conducting sensitive red team operations and physical security risk vulnerability assessments; as well as numerous anti-terrorism, counterintelligence, counterespionage investigations and operations.

     In his ten-year tenure in corporate security, following his 36-year law enforcement career, he was responsible for over 500 locations in Japan and over 100 locations in South Korea.  At the corporate security level he designed integrated security systems for multiple locations to include initial planning and installations of security in new buildings from the ground up.  He directly oversaw and personally reviewed in excess of 1,200 physical security vulnerability assessments, which included all locations in his AOR throughout Japan and South Korea.