A philosophical look at the complex interconnectivity of everything throughout the universe.

Everything presents a unique perspective about the reality of existence, the meaning of life, and the true impact of a birth, death, and even a marriage.  A Zen-based, thought-provoking text about relationships between human beings and all life as well as the spirit world, and the impact that everyone makes on the universe.  Everything is not about religion and espouses no particular religious beliefs.  A skillful presentation of the subject of universal energy within a context that anyone can accept without regard to a particular religious preference.  For those who believe that they may not make a difference in this world, Everything will be of particular value.  The author illustrates that you have a much greater impact, influence, and power than what you may realize.  You may wonder who is in control.  You will learn that we are all in control.  We are all part of everything.

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