Bridging the Gap: English-Japanese
(On-line Program)

Although this is the First Edition of Bridging the Gap: English-Japanese, the basic text is not new.  Bridging the Gap: English-Japanese is an updated and improved version of the original Bridging the Gap: Police-Japanese, which is a unique, well proven non-verbal communication tool that has been in use for over 40 years.  Bridging the Gap: Police-Japanese was originally written for use by police officers in Honolulu, Hawaii; it was also used in Guam, Micronesia, and other South Pacific areas.

This latest version was re-designed to allow bi-directional use.  That is to say, just as easily used by Japanese speakers with English speaking clients as for English speakers with Japanese clients.  The contents remain the same and have a much wider use than exclusively by police officers, e.g. it has been used by hotel security and other hotel staff, hospital staff, and those working in the tour industry who deal with Japanese tourists on a daily basis.  Therefore; due to its widespread use and flexibility, this ebook-online version was renamed to Bridging the Gap: English-Japanese.  The cumbersome and time-consuming chore of looking through the book for the right phrase or section has been eliminated with this electronic version through the magic of hyperlinks.

You can preview Bridging the Gap: English-Japanese HERE.  In addition to the basic pages, the preview will allow you to view chapters 1, 2, 3, 11, 21, and the glossary.  (NOTE that the preview is restricted to the respective main pages; links to other parts of the text are disabled.)

If you would like to gain access to this on-line version click HERE.