Guide to Learning Japanese

Guide to Learning Japanese is a unique text for people interested in learning how to speak Japanese.  Guide to Learning Japanese is not a conventional Japanese language course.  It is a concise, working tool designed so that you can “hit the ground running” right now -- today, or at least within the next couple of days, and start using Japanese. The text provides lessons in basic Japanese that get you started and guide you into using and learning the Japanese language in a natural environment.

You will learn that Japanese is very unique in many ways, which makes it more of a challenge to learn than most other languages, particularly for Westerners.  The text also provides important historical and cultural insight to help the student understand the Japanese people as well as the language.
• Learn why the country of Nippon, the Land of the Rising Sun, is called Japan.
• Learn why Japanese use Chinese characters for writing.
...and much more....

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