Robert T. Wood
Recent Woodworking Projects

Wall Unit with Desk

Wall unit shelves and drawers handmade.
Width: 237cm (7.7ft), height: 193cm (6.3ft); depth: 40cm (1.3ft)

Desk Lamp Illuminated

Antique Baby Walker

Completed Baby Walker

All handmade, including 28" diameter support ring around the bottom;
made from bending multiple layers of lamenated wood sheeting
cut to 2cm width

Antique Baby High Chair

Completed High Chair

All handmade, with adjustable tray

Potty Step for Toddlers

Completed Potty Step

Sand Box for Toddlers

Completed Sandbox: wooden sides and bottom

Reinforced bottom and sides; holds 60kg of sand

Office Storage Shelf

Office storage shelf

Completed storage shelf

Garden Bench

Sun Bench

Planter Box

Width: 240cm (7.9ft); height: 65cm (2.2ft); depth: 60cm (2ft).

Completed planter box

Garden Lattice for Mokobara

Overhead lattice for mokobara to climb and spread

Frame to contain main mokobara

Outdoor Garden Sink

Sink and basin constructed from 4.5 x 4.5 x 120cm garden stakes, cut to length.

Basin sides and bottom constructed from ripped stakes (2.25 x 4.5 cm)

Covered with wire mesh prior to applying mortar

Mortar applied as a base for tile cement and tile finish.

Completed sink with tile

Wall Shelf Unit

Width: 85cm, height: 165cm; depth: 40cm

Cat Grass Box

Box designed to hold cat grass planter.

Cat grass planter firmly held in place.

Prevents planter from being knocked over...

...while the cat is eating the grass.

Whiteboard frame and stand

Whiteboard stand.

Whiteboard frame and stand.

Deck Steps

Cat Toilet & Supply Cabinet

Cabinet doors open showing supply storage area on top and cat litter on bottom right.

Passage to cat litter on end and indented area on bottom,front left for food and water.
Matted passage area prevents cat litter from scattering on the floor outside the cabinet.